Borgward Drivers Club - Members Cars

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Nick Gibbons Isabella TS

Udara David Isabella TS Saloon

Scott Allen (California) 1959 Coupé

John Wallis 1958 Isabella Coupé more click here

Philip Carter 1960 Coupé

Phil Somers 1957 TS Saloon

Christopher Tye 1959 Coupé restoration page

Nick Gibbons 1960 Saloon

Liz Watson Lloyd Alexander "Likkle Lloyd" More here

Nick Driscoll Hansa 1800 Diesel

Vincent Palmier TS Saloon

Cris Tye Combi

Matt Hunt 1957 TS Saloon Restoration page

Keith Fortnam Combi restoration page

Olly Richmond-Jones 1957 TS saloon Story of 257FKC

Matt Hunt’s 1958 Coupé (the basis for a Cabriolet conversion )

Vincent Palmier 1959 Coupé

Nick Driscoll 1960 P100 Big Six

Frances 1960 saloon

Barry Pummell 1959 Coupé Restoration page

Graham Mander 1957 Isabella Deutsch Cabriolet Restoration page

John Wallis Hansa Pullman II 1957 Restoration page


Per-Anders Henriksson 1959 Coupé Restoration page

Dave Burt’s 1960 Coupé

Neil Wilson 1959 TS Saloon Restoration page


Paul Heard 1958 Coupé Restoration page

Nick Waite 1960 Coupé

Gavin Watson 1957 Saloon Racing page

John Graham 1957 Combi

Colin Fortnam 1960 Coupé Restoration page

Richard Bulless 1960 Coupé Restoration page

Dave Roberts 1959 Coupé

Matt Hunt 1960 Coupé Restoration Page

Tony Stokoe’s Combi

Noel Gordon 1960 Coupé

Paul King 1960 Coupé restoration page

Des Lukehurst Hobbs automatic Coupé.

Nick driscoll Deutsch Coupé Restoration page

Norman Williams 1959 Saloon

Norman Williams 1960 Coupé

Javier Anselmo Goñi Argentina Hansa Coupé 1960

Javier Anselmo Goñi from Argentina 1960 Coupé

Javier Anselmo Goñi from Argentina 1961 TS Saloon

Javier Anselmo Goñi Historic race Car - TS de Luxe 1961

Fiona Driscoll 1956 Combi Restoration page

Ian Davison 1960 Coupé

Robert Richmond-Jones 1957 TS Restoration page

Nick Cooper 1960 TS Restoration page

Graham Mander 1960 Combi

Nick Driscoll and his 1957 Coupé Restoration page

Michael Gilmore 1954 Isabella 60 More pictures click here